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Along with my family, I was at the house of prayer for 15 years. We were part of a young adult movement dedicated to keeping and igniting prayer and worship rooms all over the earth. Our ministry involved daily live worship with full bands and intercessors, and also teaching, discipling and supporting the Great Comission from the place of prayer .

Junto a mi familia, estuve en la casa de oración por 14 años, siendo parte de un movimiento de jóvenes adultos dedicado a iniciar y mantener cuartos de oración en todo el mundo. Nuestro ministerio incluyó sesiones diarias de adoración en vivo con bandas completas e intercesores. De la misma manera discipulamos y apoyamos la gran comisión desde un lugar de oración.


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Singing in a 24-7 context, and

having played more than 10k of live

hours with all kinds of singers and musicians, enabled me to have a

vantage point and an irreplaceable experience singing the Bible and underguirding the intercession of an unceasing musical prayer meeting.


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On October 2023 we learned our founder Mike Bickle has rising accusations of sexual abuse that spanned decades and we knew they were true (reasons we can’t explain here). We waited for leadership to do the right thing and call for an investigation, but when that didn’t happen, we stepped down on March 2024 to heal and rest, a much needed sabbatical.



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We are still trying to process and figure out what‘s next for us. After 15 years, this is a season of sabbatical, seeking wise counsel, exploration, and then reengaging the path the Lord will show us. Some of our supporters lovingly agreed to support us for the rest of this year as we go to a retreat for ministers coming out of crisis in June, and travel to see some of our friends in different parts of the world, putting some distance between us and Kansas City. Would you consider supporting our sabbatical and healing season?

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PREPARE MINISTRIES is the ministry that right now is allowing us to raise tax deductible

gifts as we either transition out of ministry or continue in ministry.


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En estos momentos estamos pasando por un descanso sabático luego de la crisis en IHOPKC, de donde renunciamos en el mes de marzo. Arriba están los links para dar una contribución si nuestro ministerio te ha bendecido. Si te gustaría seguirnos en Instagram, estamos preparando recursos para enseñar y seguimos dando valor en nuestros canales, a medida que nos preparamos para sacar más música en medio de toda esta temporada tan dolorosa. Gracias por orar por nosotros y estar pendientes. Los amamos Latinoamérica!